For the past few weeks I have sensed a great burden (prayerfully) similar to that of everyone else. If this burden could speak it would repeatedly beg the question “what can I do?” Several pandemics are evading our world and the tension, stress, fear, and uncertainty has been weighing on me heavily.

My heart was LIFTED this morning!!! I sense that my quest for an answer to that repeatedly begging question “what can I do?” has nearly been answered. Perhaps I’ve been given the first step and once taken all other answers will follow.

Think BIG!

This morning I tuned into Iyanla Vanzant’s live Anti Viral Message. For 49 days Iyanla invited me into her global, virtual living room and administered messages of hope, guided meditations, daily affirmations, and challenges to help me get through these “unprecedented times.” The daily anti viral messages have ended, but every Saturday she shares an anti viral message, today was day 53 “Think Higher.” I encourage you to watch the replay on YouTube, just click here.

With all that is going on in this world it wouldn’t be much of a challenge to succumb to the darkness and anger that is emanating through the media, and the voices of those we trust. I must be honest I have had to battle much in choosing to remain in the way of light and love. Watching a man have his life taken while crying out for his deceased mother is beyond troubling. However, even in this I am choosing positivity and peace. I am choosing to view these tragedies from a higher viewpoint. I have decided to Think BIG!

Thinking BIG is not easy and in my opinion not everyone can do it. Thinking BIG is not ignoring what I know to be true or real. Thinking BIG is not being passive or some creative way of giving myself a pass to not become a part of the change that is so desperately needed in this hurting world. Thinking BIG is thinking HIGHER. Thinking BIG is elevation. Thinking BIG is having the ability to look at a situation, accept it, and allowing the situation to travel you to a higher frequency. Again, not everyone is capable of this. Thinking BIG is granting oneself permission to see and understand from a HIGHER viewpoint. Thinking BIG is a challenge. Not everyone wants to be challenged, especially to think BIG. Some people prefer the comfortabilities of small thinking although it is a great disservice.

So, while there is much chatter about what needs to be done in order for this world to be at peace, I fear much of the talk is coming from a place of pain, anger, hurt, confusion, unforgiveness and yes even hatred. If these “places” had a home it would be a small mind. I have spoken and reacted from these places before and in hindsight it has done more harm than good. By accepting the challenge to level up in my thinking I now am able to respond from a place of love, light, peace, hope, positivity, forgiveness, understanding, and wholeness. If these “places” had a home it would be an elevated mind. Where are you speaking and responding from?

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