They said, “all it takes it a leap”, so I jumped in.

We both knew I couldn’t swim, but You were going to teach me.

I knew I was supposed to heed Your instructions after the dive, but that water was distractingly cold, and my feet couldn’t touch the bottom.

I panicked.

I fought, and fought, and kicked and kicked.

Doing my best to keep my head above the biting water.

I got upset then grew tired, I became upset again before giving up.

As I knew I would,

As was the reason for my fighting, and kicking,

I began to sink, or was I?

I wasn’t sure, and part of me didn’t care.

I kept sinking.

I closed my eyes in an attempt to silence my mind.

Preparing to die.

And then I noticed a change in direction.

Am I rising?

Glorious Day! I AM RISING!

Look at this!






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