Positive Pandemic

There is a mass amount of fear and anxiety gripping the hearts and minds of people EVERYWHERE! This Pandemic is serious and scary, it won’t take much to be sad, depressed, and negative. It’s going to take some faith and hope to remain positive. This has been my challenge.

I am proud to say that my positive vibes are stronger than ever before. In times like these, I find it detrimental to my survival to remain positive. Here is a list of things that I have been doing during this time of staying at home to keep the positive energy flowing.

1. Prayer

2. Bible reading

3. Attend virtual Church

4. Working out

5. Meditation

6. Funny movies/TV shows

7. Jigsaw puzzles

8. Word searches

9. Sit in the sun

10. Novel reading (adventure/thriller are my new fave genre’s)

11. Talk on the phone with loved one’s

12. Listen to music

What are you doing to keep sane and positive during these difficult times?

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