Welcome to the Positive Blog!

I created this blog to share my journey in creating and embracing a positive lifestyle no matter what. Positivity is the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude.

Why Positivity Matters

Positivity matters for more reasons than you could probably imagine. Many people already know that positivity leads to success, but journeying through life with optimism and a positive attitude can build resilience, improve your relationships, excel work/career performance, make you happier and healthier, and leads to increased satisfaction with life! Who doesn’t want ALL of that?? While remaining positive is definitely not easy (thanks to the brain being hard-wired to look for and focus on threats) it is definitely worth it.

Journey With Optimism

I am not a “positivity expert”, but I encourage you to journey through life with optimism as your guide and be patient with yourself. Be intentional about how you view everything and everyone the universe grants you to encounter. Challenge yourself DAILY to be positive NO MATTER WHAT.

Enjoy the Journey

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